New Bryant® Evolution® Heat Pump Provides "Extreme" Efficiency

INDIANAPOLIS, Mar. 22, 2012 – Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems, a leading supplier of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, announces the Evolution® Extreme variable-speed heat pump (280ANV) with efficiencies of up to 13 Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) and up to 20.5 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER).

"With ground-breaking heating efficiency, the Bryant Evolution Extreme heat pump can provide warm air to the house without the assistance of an auxiliary heat source, even when outdoor temperatures dip down to the teens," said Lisa Townley, brand manager, Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems. "In addition, this heat pump delivers cooling that rivals many of the top air conditioners, providing consumers with a year-round comfort solution."

When combined with an Evolution® control and Evolution® gas furnace or fan coil, the Bryant Evolution Extreme heat pump utilizes a variable-speed compressor to precisely match its operation to the heating and cooling needs of the home. The control monitors the inside and outside conditions and adjusts the speed and capacity of the heat pump and indoor fan motor up or down to match the desired comfort settings. This variable-speed technology makes the Evolution Extreme a highly efficient heat pump. It also gives homeowners the comfort of consistent indoor temperatures while reducing energy use and lowering utility bills.

"The Bryant Evolution Extreme heat pump also has features that make installation and service easier for the contractor," said Rob Lambert, product manager and application engineer, Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems. "It requires only two communication wires from an Evolution gas furnace or fan coil to the outdoor unit for full variable-speed functionality, and the control board provides enhanced diagnostics for faster service."

Constantly monitoring pressures, temperatures and electrical information critical to the system's operation, the heat pump control board communicates with the Evolution control to adjust the heat pump's operational settings as needed. Contractors can easily view detailed diagnostics and a wide range of system status information on the Evolution control screen, making service quick and easy. In addition, the new refrigerant charge assist mode helps installers ensure the system is charged correctly, based on specific configuration factors, including the indoor coil, line set diameter and line set length.

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