Bryant - SYSTXBBSMS01 Evolution Smart Sensor

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Bryant’s revolutionary Evolution Zone Control is the smart control of the future. The Evolution Zone Control features a large backlit liquid crystal display, making it easier to read the temperature, even at night. Intuitive prompts let you program everything from humidity levels to fan speeds, giving you ultimate control over your home comfort. The Evolution Zoning system does not require a bypass damper, leaving air temperature (LAT) sensor, or a field supplied power transformer. The zoning system includes the following features:

  •     Up to 8 zones of control
  •     Patented automatic duct assessment design compensates for duct work variability
  •     No bypass damper required or recommended
  •     No LAT or HPT sensors required or recommended
  •     No field--installed transformer required
  •     Fan airflow adjustment by zone
  •     4 wire installation from each component in the system
  •     Intuitive on screen prompts for ease of installation and service
  •     Perfect Humidityt settings are the default, no longer requiring increased system setup
  •     Complete integration of the temperature, humidity, and ventilation in every season
  •     TrueSenset Dirty Filter Detection
  •     Indoor Air Quality pop--up reminders
  •     7 day programmability with 2 or 4 periods per day
  •     Easy timed override schedule
  •     Simplified vacation schedules
  •     Day--at--a--glance programming for simplified ease of use
  •     Programmable fan by period
  •     General maintenance reminder messaging
  •     Optional Remote Access Kit can be added for access to your system from the internet or phone
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Bryant® Evolution® System Connex™ Control with Remote Access Capability